Friday, February 25, 2005

In betweenst wage labor, decay or ferment?

Am enjoying having slept late, woken slowly, lazed with my toddler son in my arms. This is not something fathers are known for expressing, cuddling with their babies. Soon enough, I suppose, we'll evolve to the exploring, fishing, and hunting that fathers and sons in these parts are known for.

I was able to read, while we were together, and Altgeld my son began to play with his toys, from the March edition of Harper's, the current edition. Kathy Dobie's "AWOL in America" and Steve Mumford's coloured drawings of Iraq are quite interesting. I couldn't help but ponder at my own experiences as I read Dobie's observations, which are spot-on, yet somehow incomplete. How does she think our nation can best respond to Islamic terrorist threats? Ah well, the question of USA's Realpolitik in SW Asia should come next. So this doesn't really detract from her observations about the brutality and unfairness found in military training and culture. Compelling reading.


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