Thursday, February 03, 2005

3 February, this day in history/herstory

Jacques-Yves Cousteau published his The Silent World. Monsieur Cousteau is well known for his explorations of the sea world, especially under water, using oxygen tanks and SCUBA. Cousteau was born in 1910, in St. Andry' de Cubzac He served in the French Navy, where he learned to be a diver.

In 1953, Ymile Gagnan and he developed the Aqua-Lung, the world's first known "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus," which soon became known by the acronym SCUBA.

It's the birthday of the novelist Paul Auster, born in Newark, New Jersey in 1947. He is well known to some listeners of the NPR literary programme which Georgia listeners in the Savannah area hear on Sunday late evenings.

In 1820, John Keats, the lyric English poet, fell deathly ill. He attended school at Enfield, where he began his translation of the Aeneid. Read more about him at the Literature Network.

In 1913, the Income Tax Amendment took offense--I mean, took effect.


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