Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Tuesday, named for a god of war. The second day of the work week, the third day of the week. The fifth and twentieth day of the first month. Time now, past the eleventh hour of the first half of the day. The twenty-fifth minute of the twelfth hour. Seconds are ticking or silently slipping by, slipping around me like molecules of water in a stream flowing, a river flowing so slowly you don't notice it on the surface, but underneath are swiftly flowing currents, unseen and dangerous if you don't know to avoid them, or if you aren't adapted to swim or float in the murky waters of the river.

Sunshine glints off my golden pickup truck parked backed-in to the driveway, not the parkway, facing the asphalt hard-ball narrow street named after one of my favorite evergreen trees. Beyond that a yard, beyond that the busy highway, narrow by-way which leads either to the Atlantic Ocean or the Savannah River and the South Carolina Piedmont.

Now the only sound in here the tack-ticking of the keyboard keys and the sound of plastic model dinosaurs manipulated by the hands of my four year old daughter, who is on the pine-wood varnished floor of the salon. Why call it a living room when you live in most parts of the house? Also one can hear the rumble of vehicles on the Highway from here. The Highway is also called Main Street, though most folk I hear refer to it as 123 North, or 123 South, or just the road to Donne.

Today's color: blue
Today's shape: circle
Today's number: 5^2 or five squared
Today's texture: thick scratchy wool weave
Today's sound: the hums of fan blades
Today's taste: strong coffee with milk, no sugar

I've got to do my German lesson now. I've interrupted this post to start on it, but now I'll interrupt my lesson to finish this post. Here's a funny story for y'all linguists and travellers in German lands:

Going nuts
My mother and father were married in Germany
while my father was stationed there just after WWII.

A famous story in the family has to do with my father.
During the reception at my grandparents house
he picked up an empty dish that had contained nuts
and asked: Wo sind die Nutten? Little did he know that...


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