Monday, January 03, 2005

Travels to Marrakesh

I think that every week I'll feature a different country from the Arab speaking world here. Next Friday we'll start with Morocco, and work our way east.

To this day I wonder what ever happened to Bill Inglebright, who told me the day I ran into him at Manny's Pancake House, that he and his girlfriend were travelling thus, on the train from Morocco to Turkey. That was one spring day in 1985. I have never heard from him since.

Bill Inglebright introduced me to Zen Buddhism back in 1978-79, when I was a senior in English, where the teacher was Mr. Allard. This was at Galesburg Senior High School, Knox County, Illinois 61401. I was very straight-laced then. I thought Bill was something of a dumb jock, but he showed me, to my embarassment, that I had mis-judged him. He was actually very intelligent, wise, and humble enough to keep this on the down and low. Sure do miss him.


At Sunday, June 19, 2005 5:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey,

What you say, Give me mail to catch up.

Bill Ingleright


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