Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This afternoon, Wodin's Day, 2005

____Time now, 14:02. A couple of minutes into the fifteenth hour. In the Islamic Calendar, today is 26 January 19105. By the Jewish Calendar this is the year 5765, 16th day of the month of Sh'vat. For the old Scandinavian and Germanic peoples, it was the Day of Odin, or Wotan.

Today's shape is The Golden Rectangle.
Today's color is the colour of dead grass.
Today's texture is the crisp dry feel of dry grasses still blowing in the wind.
Today's flower is the pansy.
Today's bird is the Fox Sparrow.
Today's fabric is burlap.
Today's literary selection is John McGahern's The Lanes, published in Granta Number 88, Winter 2004.
Today's first musical selection is the soundtrack to any performance of Cirque du Soleil.

On this day in 1714, was born the French sculptor Jean B. Pigalle, who made " Child with Bird Cage." Parisian philosopher Claude Helvetius was born in 1715. In 1804 was born novelist Eugene "Marie Joseph" Sue France, author of The Wandering Jew. A.W. Dave Nourse, the "Grand Old Man" of South African cricket, was born on this day in 1878. In 1880, in Little Rock, was born the child who would some day become American General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. In 1884, Roy Chapman Andrews, archaelogist and explorer, who led the 1922 expedition into the Gobi Desert, was born in Beloit, Wisconsin. The linguist Edward Sapir was born in Germany in the same year. In 1893 was born Bessie Coleman, the first Black airplane pilot. Stephane Grappeli, jazz violinist, was born in 1908.
____On this day in 1885, the Sudanese executed British Governor-General Charles George Gordon, along with some of his troops, in Khartoum. He was 51 years of age. Johann Christophe Friedrich Bach died at the age of 62. In 1920, in Germany, someone murdered Finance Minister Mattias Enzberger. I have not yet found out who did it.
____This is the anniversary of the American invasion of Grenada, titled Operation Urgent Fury.
____We have volumes and vast records of history. How is the development of herstory?


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