Saturday, January 15, 2005

Remembering Kosova

I found a book on the children's shelves, Kosovo the Splintering of Yugoslavia. by Tricia Andryszewski. copyright 2000, by Millbrook Press in Brookfield, Connecticut. I've yet to read all the book, but it looks like a good way to teach our children what happened there. My daughter is disappointed because it doesn't contain any photographs of mines, which apparently fascinate her.

I've taught her a little mine recognition and safety, using a coloring book provided by the United Nations, published all in Serbian or Croatian, and Albanian. We have all versions in house.

One of her first words, when she first started to verbalize, was the Albanian "Tungjateta!" She just thought it sounded funny, and would break into laughter whenever she heard it.

I'd better get away from the terminal. My daughter is threatening me never to play if I don't play "treasure" with her.


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