Monday, January 17, 2005

Martin Luther King day, Ben Franklin's birthday

Today we honor M.L.K. and the lives and efforts of all who work for peace and justice.

There's a movement afoot to boycott just about everything on the day of the Inauguration. Hmmmm.... that's the twentieth of this month.

O.K. I've marked that on my calendar. Now to do my Gaelic and German lessons on-line.

BBC has revamped their Irish Gaelic learners' site, Blas. However, I don't know why I can't get to the sound files. Might be the heavy noon traffic, but I was able to get Writers' Almanac. Maybe it's a combination of overseas traffic and my 56 K modem.

This weekend we got a dinosaurus sticker book for my girl. I took a little time to search up some sites for her to learn on, starting with this fishy looking beast.


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