Saturday, January 15, 2005

Learning to write cursive, Russian and English

My daughter Annie Franck and I did a little cursive practice on sheets I copied from one of my Russian language workbooks. Together, we did A,B,C, D, E, the Russian letter Zh, and the Z. As we began, we were fortunate to hear Nora Jones perform a version of her song, I wonder why? to teach the letter "y."

Now where did that German workbook get to? Two days ago, Annie got to take three stickers out and place them on the table, the lamp, and another I forget to practice the words Tisch, Lampe, and ?... Her German is actually very good. I am making better efforts at developing mine. The day before yesterday, I met one of the German women in our town, who is waitressing at another restaurant than the one at which we first met her. She's got a son Altgeld's age. I suggested they get together with Wilma and our children, visit and speak in German together.

I realize it will take longer to learn more languages, and we do have our language priorities. First English, then German and Spanish, more or less as opportunity presents itself, then Russian or Irish or Arabic. We will be travelling some day, and I hope some of this will prepare us for the different encounters and experiences that develop.


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