Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Late at night. I shut off the television. To post & to bed

Just saw most of the second half of Unforgiveable Blackness, the televised biography of Jack Johnson. This was edited by Ken Burns, now one of the eminent American historians.

From The Book of Lists, I garner these facts on Mr. Jack Johnson: He fought from 1897 till 1945. He won the title from Tommy Burns in 1908(KO in 14 rounds). He lost the title to Jess Willard, ten years his junior, in 1915 ( KO in 26). He fought 113 fights. Won 44 of them by KO. 30 by decision, 4 by fouls, 14 draws, 14 no decision; lost 5 by KO, 1 by decision, 1 by foul.

I missed yesterday evening's showing of Burn's biography of Jack Johnson. I feel that I'll have to view it another time.

I have been in danger of burning the candle at both ends. These days, it is only my morning laziness, which lies with its promise of redemption through later action, which keeps me from losing the sleep I need to keep from falling off the edge into total insanity. And so I bid the Muse and Wakefulness good night. Here, o reader--take a torch to light the way.


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