Monday, January 03, 2005

Have learned about another great Irish writer

Recently I happened upon a discovery through the Gaelic pages of the Blas site of BBC North Ireland. Since I can't read yet the Irish, I took a name which seemed interesting, from the heading History, and ran it though a search engine. I got an English language copy of an article by Nollaig O' Gadhra, who seems to be himself a scholar or writer of some note.

So Mr. O'Gadhra wrote about this Canon, An tAthair Peadar Ua Laoghaire, a priest in Ireland who, it is said, pioneered modern Irish prose about the same time Joyce was away in Paris putting down the words to Ulysses. Or so I understand. I'm going to look up this man's works. S?adna and Mo Sc?al F?in were taught in Irish schools for years.

Recalled O'Gadhra during a lecture in Guag?n Barra, in the West Cork Gaeltacht, "It is a pity that more has not been done by official and academic bodies, especially in Cork, this year to remember An tAthair Peadar or at least to recall his achievements in context so that children would not grow up with a belief that Bloomsday was about the only thing that was going on in Dublin or in Ireland in 1904 and that some effort would be made by our media and literary critics to recall the full mixture of forces that moulded the Ireland of the first decade of the 20th century."


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