Monday, January 17, 2005

For kids, teachers, and parents

Good morning! Once again, I quietly push against the tides of time. Reading posts, writing other posts in response. Kids are watching Thomas the Tank. Wilma is napping to the music of songs in honor of Martin Luther King.

I've been roaming Yahoo posts again. Last few were in the area of literature. I've been doing some study of children's literature. In the area of non-fiction, for anyone from middle school on up who would like to learn or review their Balkan history, I recommend:

Kosovo the Splintering of Yugoslavia, by Tricia Andryszewski. 1998. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press.
ISBN 0-7613-1750-3

Also, for American history, here's

An Album of the American Revolution, by Leonard W. Ingraham. 1971. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc.
SBN 531-01511-4

Good reading!


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