Friday, January 21, 2005

Considering a move outside Morocco

While watching Nowhere in Africa, a story about a Jewish family who flees Germany, settles in the farmland in Kenya, and how they adapt to life in Kenya during the World War II and the Holocaust, my daughter was curious about the scene in which the locust plague arrives to the new farm, where a main staple seems to be corn.

My explaining what are locusts, and how some people respond to them, led to my daughter's questions, "Where do the locusts come from?" "Where are they now?" I did find a U.N. map of where the locusts had roamed in the infestation as of December last year.

Although the film sets an invasion of locusts in the year 1947, Lisa and Sylvia, from Calgary, got a record from the Desert Locust Information Service or the University of Florida Department of entomology and nematology, a major swarm of desert locusts invading Kenya in 1954. But the swarm in the story is perhaps just a band. At any rate, the family and the workers and their families succeed in repelling it.

As to moving out of Morocco, we may do so soon, after I locate that article in December's National Geographic, and exploring Morocco more. Then, which way should we go? Toward Mauretania, or through Algeria eastward?


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