Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Betrayal of the Sons of Usnach

I have this hard-bound book which is scarcely larger than a pocket book, of Irish Sagas and Folktales. This is by Eileen O'Faolain. I have enjoyed reading from it, and am still doing so, just having finished the story of the Naisi orNaoise, and his brothers, the sons of Usnach. Now I've found another version of the Betrayal of the Usnach, of which Megan Powell has put her copyright on a version of the old Irish legend.

It was hard for me to find a link to a review of O'Faolain's book. Am still looking. I would like to do the first review for Amazon, but they aren't paying me, and in order to log in and write a review I have to give them a credit card number. Uh uh, not yet. I'm not about to donate my services to that giant. Maybe some independent, small book seller.

Anybody have any inside connections to Amazon to where they'd pay me for my reviews?

I'm going to commit as much of the Cuchullin and Fin Mac Cool stories to memory, and pass them on to my children and others. Already at the school where I sub, one of the students asked me to teach him some Irish language and poetry.


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