Thursday, January 20, 2005

afternoon, Inauguration Day

I came back just a half hour ago from Donne, in a neighboring county, where I substituted for a coach and physical education teacher. A good day, all in all.

Got to listen to the start of the Inauguration speech on NPR, and watch some of the Parade on Fox television at Smitty's Lounge, on the highway from Donne, and just outside our county line. Ate some grilled shrimp and vegetables which I bought on "take out" from the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.

Have got to go teach English to my little class of immigrant adults. That, and before I go, piss away some of the beer in me. No, alls I had was one Guiness, and a couple of glasses of water.

Wilma is going to take a job at an apiary. She's fixing some tea for me to take as I go to teach the English class.


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