Monday, January 31, 2005

About Ireland: good reading for children or adults

Dennis B. Fradin's The Republic of Ireland, copyright 1984, published by Children's Press in Chicago, is an excellent introduction to Ireland. The ISBN is 0-51602767-0

On p. 96 there is a little glossary of Irish words which a beginner would find useful.

Days of the Week:
Luan Monday
Mairt Tuesday
Ce'ardaoin Wednesday
De'ardaoin Thursday
hAoine Friday
Sathairn Saturday
Domnhnach Sunday

Months in Gaelic:
Eanar January
Feabhra February
Ma'rta March
Aibrea'n April
Bealtaine May
Meitheamh June
Iu'l July
Lu'nasa August
Mean Fomhai'r September
Deire Fomhair October
Mi' naSamhna November
Mi' naNollag December

____The older of my two children is starting to willingly learn the Irish Gaelic as I am too. She'll be five years soon.

____There's also a Finn McCool story in this book, several writers' bios, and a couple of good maps. The history section is good. If you are interested in recovering or preserving your Irish heritage away from Ireland, this is a must for your library.


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