Monday, December 20, 2004

'Tis the season to be jolly

I have been waging a struggle against racists and haters at Yahoo Bulletin Boards. Sometimes I report certain abuses. Today I have sent to the abuse department:
The user by the name white_moral_majority, ramar on safari, and others have posted some very inflammatory, hateful, and very likely false dis-information which amounts to hate speech, if not inciting others to violence and actions based on prejudice and bigotry.
Yahoo should consult again with their lawyers on this matter, reviewing free speech, hate speech, RICO and homeland defense laws. If you all are not cleaning up some of the posts and titles, such as are found in Race Relations and in "Homelessness" BB the thread "Heather is a Fucking Arab Whore." I don't know who Heather is, but would you all PLEASE remove that and other obscene and hate-based posts? with some disgression as to allow for debate. I know how to use the ignore button, but I would like to see Yahoo clean up some of the less constructive posts and even better bring the FBI cyber crimes unit in to monitor the hate speech.


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