Wednesday, December 22, 2004

a small caliber day in South Georgia

The Christmas Party for the city lasted the duration of the lunch hour, barely. Very nice. I arrived "fashionably late," which like one co-worker said, isnt' fashionable in our county. But I had a situation I was confronting, and besides, my wife asked me to watch the kids while she ran off to get Cheerful Lunches from one of those gawdawful fast food places. One of which we have, of course in our petit ville.

But no, we have no public pool, let alone indoor pool in our town. No cinema either. Not even a mall where the youth can congregate. We did have a small museum; but it's been shut up, and the building converted to classrooms and a library for our local tech college. That's a plus. However, where's the museum now?

Well, let me stop talking like The Grinch. It's bad enough I have to slog through an exchange of homophobia and name-calling at the Homeless thread in Yahoo's Issues and Causes bb. That was the situation to which I am making what I hope is "a delicate reference."

Am reviewing educational materials on loan from some friends with whom we're talking about starting a home school group. Am thinking that we should just write our own text.

Hmmmm.... I bet those goons don't apologize. I did get an entry to submit to the dictionaries though! Anyone else heard of boneiphone? I'm stopping by the book shop in the city tonight on my way to see a monologue by Spaulding Gray.


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