Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Procrastination and diversions

Have done some writing these past three days, but have avoided finishing my end of term reports. However I have reduced my Y. inbox from over 200 messages to under 99.

From the Washington Post's political trivia test pages, I learned:

In the new American Congress, there will be 232 Republicans, 202 Democrats and 1 independent. That is up from 228 Republicans in the current House, along with 206 Democrats and 1 independent.

I'm also playing backgammon while listening to a flute and symphony piece by Eduardo de Cristino, a nephew of Antonio Salieri on Performance Today, courtesy of NPR.

The more I read Garrison Keillor's Writers' Almanac, the more respect I have for him not only as a performer and story-teller, but as an educator. He included Stanley Crouch and Donald Goines in recent entries in the Almanac.

Without further procrastination, I'll begin work on the reports.


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