Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Peace in our times

This Christmas, this last Channukah, during Ramadan, I have been pondering the problems of conflict between Moslem and Christian, Moslem and Jew, Arab or Persian or Afghani against Westerner against each other, Christian against Jew, Catholic and Protestant, and so forth... I visit the bulletin boards often this winter, at Yahoo, at, again the newsgroups via Outlook. It is a miracle that some of us even dream of peace.

This evening I found an article from Tikkun, thanks to a poster at soc.culture.palestine,soc.culture.israel,soc.culture.jewish,talk.politics.mideast,soc.culture.usa

The article, The Seven Pillars of Jewish Denial, by Kim Chernin, explores some basic assumptions and reasoning behind American Jews' support of Israel.
"We used to ride down to our orchards on kibbutz trucks with Arab workers from the neighboring villages and were occasionally invited to visit. We liked sitting on a rug on a dirt floor, eating food cooked over an open fire, drinking water from the village well. Above all, we loved the kerosene lamps that were lit and set in a half circle around us as it grew dark. But walking home it occurred to me that our kibbutz had running water, electricity, modern stoves. Our neighbors were gracious, generous, and friendly, although I had learned by then that the land the kibbutz occupied had once belonged to them. We were living on land that was once theirs, under material conditions they could not hope to equal. I found this troubling."

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