Friday, December 24, 2004

Moving back to former grazing lands

I downloaded some newsgroups using Outlook Express tonight, to take a look for some information on Iraq and other Arab topics. Found an interesting autobiographical account by an Iraqi born into an Assyrian Orthodox family in Baghdad:

"In August 1, 1990 I left Iraq to Turkey with no other goal than looking for my own freedom and establish a new life. Seven hours later, Iraq invaded Kuwait. I was already in Istanbul and that was the first sign of salvation to me! All telephone lines where cut off to and from Iraq. I would go without contact with my family for the next year and a half. Bit by bit my money started to decrease. I began to move from one city to another trying to find a job to maintain a living. I slept under a tree in Ankara for three days..."

Go to to see this 'testimony for Christ.'


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