Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

The lad woke me at half past two in the night. He wanted chocolate drink, what we call "cacao," in the way of Wilma's folk. Wilma woke too, fixed him a cup, whose contents he drank quickly. She took him to bed with her. But I was wide awake, not going to fall asleep anytime soon. So I got our copy of Clive Barker's Weaveworld and read it in the warmth and comfort of the big bed. After a half hour, I decided to take a Trazodone so I could slip into sleep before four ante meridiam.

So it was that I slept till almost noon, thereby missing Mass at the cathedral in the big city. Ah, getting back into a community of faith is no easy thing, when you've settled into your singular ways. I wish my fellow communicants well. Merry Christmas! To all of you too, whether you be Catholic, Protestant, Moslem, Jewish, Quaker, Pagan, or whatnot.

I had meant to add to yesterday's post regarding the donation of phone time to wounded and sick troops. Walmart and A.T.T. offer a phone card with which now you can donate time to recuperating military, by simply pressing a "one" when prompted to do so after calling the toll free number to use the card.


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