Thursday, December 09, 2004

A little search for a step closer for justice for all

It's late in the evening after a 16 hour work day--that's right, 14 hours dispatching and 1.5 teaching. And a little time to think and write.

So, I heard part of a radio broadcast about Eli Pariser of telling off the leaders of the Democratic National Committee this week. I'll be surfing tonight to find out what's been said, exactly. Meanwhile, this popped up in my mailbox tonight:

NO MORE INSIDERS. We can't afford four more years of Democratic leadership by elite Washington insiders with little vision and losing records. Contact your state Democratic Party leaders and ask them support a Democratic National Committee chair who will reconnect the party with the grassroots and lead us to victory. We'll deliver your comments on Saturday.

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Aha! I found in an op-ed piece by Chris Suellentrop, the Washington bureau chief for, that disparages the Movement. Some good criticisms, but they are overblown. And you jump to conclusions too quickly, Mr. Suellentrop. From the ferment that is ocurring there, shall come some very real change. Well, at least if there's any significant change, it won't be due to critics and naysayers such as Mr. Suellentrop. And so I keep searching... (by now the clock's on quarter after ten p.m.)


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