Thursday, December 09, 2004

Keeping the faith

I felt encouraged after hearing the broadcast on on NPR, and on getting an email with the link below, where anyone, you, I can send our comments to be carried to the leaders of the Democratic National Convention this weekend.

I also gained heart on revisiting the electronic version of a powerful little newspaper which started in my hometown about the same time I left to make my way through the wide world, after graduation from college. The town is Galesburg, Illinois. The college is Knox. And the newspaper is the Zephyr. It just keeps getting better. Not bigger. Just better.

I got a pleasant surprise from watching on C-SPAN today an interview with an attractive and smart lady, a magna cum laude graduate of Northwestern, and a graduate of Harvard Law School, named Flint, who leads some sort of think tank on civil liberties. She hails from Peoria, which is quite close to the above mentioned 'Burg. She had some interesting things to say about the new intelligence reform and the Patriot Act. As to the former, on the whole it's good, but there are some parts that really need changing. And probably same with the latter.

Like Thomas Wolf wrote, "you can't go home again." But I take some consolation knowing that back home, some folks are making the world a better place.


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