Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Day after winter's solstice 2004

____The sun's light has cast its net over the land, revealing the tall oaks, the pale blue sky, pink clouds, dreamy ethereal white house on the corner, with a glimpse of the passing vehicles on the south-north highway that threads our town along with other towns and townships, pine plantations, ranches and farms. I see a squirrel scuttle from a trunk branch over an arching branch leftward and jump! to another branch. And another one descends, causing the leafy limbs below to shake back and forth in reaction.

____Ari Shapiro just finished a report on progress or the perceived lack of it in the communities affected by the last hurricane season. I recall how momentarilly embarrassed and fearful I was the other day on forgetting the family name, Shapiro, when telling on old sergeant how I'd met a young fellow soldier by that name. Is this a fore-telling of alzheimer's? G-d forbid.

____I'm going over to the big pale orange and gold armchair, the one the young woman sergeant from Kansas gave me when I was a clerk soldier first moving out of the barracks on old Colorado Ave, now Aung San something, in Fort Campbell to the first home my newly wed wife from Germany and I were making, out in Amish country on the Kentucky land north of the post.

_____Now listening to the President announcing his sadness for the deaths in Iraq, in reference to yesterday's bombing during lunch at a dining facility in an American camp in Mosul. As I tap out the last words to this last sentence, I recall my father showing me the letters from a friend in college, a young man from Mosul who attended classes with him in those brief days before America's entry to the war in 1941. I wonder what ever happened to him?

_____Wilma brought me coffee and croissant. Am going to sit on that old armchair and read Bernard Avishai's article in the Harper's which arrived the other day, an essay titled Saving Israel from Itself. NowI guess I've got another one by the same title to read, if I want...I pray for another trek toward peace today, another spell of healing, in Israel, among the Palestinian and Jewish and Christian communities. In Iraq, in Afghanistan.


At Wednesday, January 05, 2005 5:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The solution to the conflict in Israel is to join the EU and follow its rules!


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