Sunday, December 12, 2004

The cries over a word, while everywhere abounds

crass materialism and commercialism. Silent Ravage wrote on IT Party Discussion Board:

If people would just band together we could stop this runaway liberalism
cold.Libs have to destroy religion in order to advance their agenda. They have
pretty much already done this in France and Canada.If people like us hit these
merchants in the wallet it will stop real quick.I told the manager of a target
that I would not be shopping in target anymore because they took down the
Christams signs and put up Happy Holiday signs instead. Told him I need to buy
Christmas presents not holiday presents so I would shop elsewhere.If more people
do this the message will get our real fast.

My reply to this:

You're missing the forest for some trees. The question should be: why have so many Christians forgotten the meaning of Advent, that one and all Christians should prepare for the celebration of the Coming of Our Saviour, keeping in mind there will be a Second Coming of the Messiah. Why does one ignore the materialism rampant throughout the Christmas season? Why say nothing about the disrespect for Sunday, the Christian day of rest and worship? Or any Sabbath for that matter? Maybe we are so caught up in this "Liberal vs. Conservative" motif that we have gone against the Lord's admonition: Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to G-d what belongs to G-d." (from Matthew 22:15-32) I suspect that not a few will say,"But that is meant to confirm that it is just for taxes to be applied!" Or the opposite. However I maintain that this is another passage which supports the importance of maintaining a SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE. Not a denial of G-d, but a clear boundary which would discourage things like the use of the pulpit to controll politics and the people.


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