Sunday, December 12, 2004

a brief excerpt on the English language issue

My response to this is posted below:
04/13/04 12:18 pmMsg: 1 of 13
That's the thought that ran through my head this morning when I was sitting at the McDonalds drive-thru waiting for my McChicken biscuit, watching telemundo through a window and listening to a mariachi band playing on the loudspeaker.Isn't there some thing where toimmigrate you have to learn English? If there's not there should be.
Oh yeah, we learn English often better than you "Nativists." Part of
my family's library includes Shakespeare, James Joyce, and various English
translations of the Iliad.
My English as well as the English of millions of
my fellow Mexicans and Hispanics has served me in the US military, in the
workplace, and among family and friends. For your information, I am
descended also from a veteran of the Revolutionary War AND a veteran in the
Mexican War for Independence. The latter was a noble from the province of
Guipuzkoa in the Basque Countries who was in the Cavalry of the Queen.
Tell us a little about yourself, my fellow American.


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