Monday, November 08, 2004

While cleaning out a kitchen drawer, I found an old laminated library card, which brings on this reminiscence:

One late night of my many Memphis nights, as I was walking back from a Poplar Avenue adventure to my LeMaster Street friend's house, I came across several piles of books tossed willy nilly by a narrow street that ran just east of the Piggly Wiggly market. Many of them were wet, since it had just rained. Along with them I found a library card, the following name stamped:

Mr. George W. Dumas
100 Angelus — 04

The books were his own. Inside some of them was the name of a book shop which formerly had been located in the South Side of Memphis.
[This recollection based on the library card which I’ve kept, and found in a drawer of our kitchen in the Cedar Street house in Glennville, Georgia. ]

What did I do to rescue as many books as I could? At one in the morning in Midtown? I loaded them into a grocery cart and made a few trips one city block, laying the books out behind the shop of some friends, until I could come back the next day and carry them home with more leisure and less worry of disturbing my genteel neighbors south and within the Central Gardens enclave.


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