Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wednesday night. Now I know this font thing isn't working, probably because I need to stop being such a cheap son of a --oh sorry Mom! --and shell out the bucks for an enhanced site, so's I can look fancy like so many of y'all in cyberia.

Today, thanks to a few links courtesy of Languagehat, I got to stop and reflect on the people who lived on the land I grew up on, a people who were forcibly removed by the white settlers of Illinois and Washington. They are the Peoria who today live in Oklahoma. I grew up within a few hours drive of Peoria, and also Dixon Mounds near the Illinois River. Some of you familiar with Illinois history my remember the French explorers Marquette and Joliet navegated the Illinois River in the 1700's. You may also know that the young Abraham Lincoln was among the milita who shot down defenseless women, children, and old men who had retreated to Starved Rock, an island on that river, back before the remnants of the Sauk and Fox tribes surrendered and agreed to move in exile across the Mississippi.

Did you know there's a Sauk and Fox community still today in the county of Tama, Iowa?


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