Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today again is Thor's day, sunny Thursday

As we go about our daily life, the soldiers and marines of the U.S. military are conducting "clean-up" in Fallujah, and more "urban ops" in Mosul, Kirkuk, Bagdad, and elsewhere. Add my thanks to the Black Watch for enabling us to send more troops to the Fallujah campaign. The link from this post is to the Yahoo Photo Slide Show which appears on My Yahoo. The topic is Iraq. Apparently this week, but Yahoo, Reuters, and the other news and photo agencies could do a better job of date/time labelling their photos.

Almost as long as this Fallujah operation, I've had a nasty broncho-laryngial infection. The kids and I have it. I've gone through almost three packages of cough drops in four days.

Reports say that many residents died during the fighting. Well, the American military gave them plenty of time to surrender. And would they rather that our forces had fire-bombed them as the US did in Japan and in Germany during WWII? That was often my desire this year, may G-d forgive me and help me manage my anger.

We should offer the jihadists a truce, and toss in some incentives, like we'll send in athletic trainers to help them develop better world class athletes. The UN ought to help with that. And we could out-source some jobs to them. Hey, maybe move some of their best combatants to Africa and South America to help put down civil unrest there!


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