Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Started something and committed to it

You may have noticed the arabic learners buttons on this blog. By now we've over a dozen interested parties, but no real fluent speaker to lead. I thought that by getting this forum developed I'd get in touch with some willing and able tutors. I guess that this was an act of desperation, born out of finding myself far and away in a place with no evident resources.

However, I just got off a new message within the group's BB with an introductiory lesson to the pronunciation using a system of transcription using Roman alphabet. Until we get a better method which includes being able to post in Arabic script, this will have to do. However, I feel that having offered this lesson is a milestone for me. Before, I had been just keeping the group open to draw members but not doing much.

Next: getting more native speakers involved, more fluent speakers, and willing and able instructors. Insh'Allah.


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