Thursday, November 18, 2004

post-election discussion at Yahoo BBs

Sometimes you find a strain of some substance at the bulletin boards. It's sort of like fishing through muck for a few coins of value. But here's a thread that shows a little promise.

Well, I would hope this is still a country where freedom is valued. Of course many counter with the slogan, "Freedom isn't free."

Some youth pastor was directing an assembly at my daughter's elementary school. Veterans were invited to attend, so as a parent and a veteran I went. I felt rather uneasy, as it reminded me of the Nazi rallies I had read about. Later that day, when the family had gathered in the kitchen at home, my wife told me our daughter was repeating the slogans.

What does that mean, Annie, that "Freedom isn't free?"

"I dunno," replied the four year old.

Maybe there's a better way to teach love of one's country and what is freedom than to wash the children's brains thus.


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