Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Meanwhile back in Basqueland

In Donostia, known in the Spanish language as San Sebastian, Arnaldo Otegi, leader of Batasuna, a pro-independence party referred to by AP as "banned," spoke at a rally on 14th November, three days ago. In the speech he urged new talks for autonomy in the three provinces of Vitoria, Alava, and Guipuzkoa. The Basque Nationalist Party wants to launch a new peace process. This involves an agreement between the ETA and Spain and France. If this works, the 36 year old conflict would be demilitarized. There would be a referendum in the Basque countries on its future.

Pablo Sanchez took some good photographs of this rally and other happenings in the Basque lands. Apparently two celebrity chefs are accused of accepting bribes from the ETA. If that's the best the Spanish law enforcement can do! Ha, it's laughable. Celebrity chefs? Who the hell cares?


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