Thursday, November 04, 2004

Looking back on Monday's unfinished draft: I haven't done much of anything except to read some headline articles from Yahoo, check a couple of my mail boxes, and have breakfast. Am taking care of Annie Franck since she's home sick from school, and Wilma had to go to the dentist.

Am trying to teach Annie Franck addition using manipulatives. I'm not sure she's grasping the concepts that when you add zero to something, you still have the same amount of that something. She doesn't seem to be getting addition of one plus n.

Three days later,
today, the little girl is well enough to have gone on the bus to school. I've approved a message sent by a well wisher for posting to the Arabic learners group, checked postings on the US and world news in Yahoo, checked my emails, had my coffee and breakfast.

Now I must deliver a report to the office. No time to dilly dally. These reports are due at the end of each month. So you see I'm overdue.

Next time you're in your favorite bookstore, check out The Rumi Collection, edited by Kabir Helminski, from Shambala Classics.


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