Saturday, November 20, 2004

Learning Gaelic

Studying and practising the Irish Gaelic again with the help of Blas, from the North Ireland BBC radio website, Blas. It's fun and easy! Give it a try!

While exploring around a bit, starting from the Blas site, I found "an absolute beginners'" site for the Scottish Gaelic. There you can choose between html or flash. It's an easy start, and goes slowly or as one says in Scots Gaelic, beag air bheagh--little by little.

I started with the Blas program last December. Prior to that, I'd studied a little with a few sites which had text, one of which also had sound in .wav files but of poor quality. I left off learning Irish late spring, when I got more into the Arabic. Now though, I've eased off the Arabic much and picked up the Irish again, reviewing the lessons up to where I left off, at the seventh lesson.

There's an Irish Culture club at Georgia Southern University, but I haven't heard if anyone there's studying any Irish language. I sent some electronic mail to the Uni, but was told there wasn't any Irish language study. Still searching.


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