Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I wonder what people would say...

The following is a copy of a message I posted on a Yahoo BB whose subject area is supposed to be "Israeli-Palestinian Conflic.t" Disclaimer-- people often stray from the subject:

I was a combat engineer who served in the early stages of OIF, as we called the latest war in Iraq.

First, I'd like to say that I did and I still do support our troops there and in Afghanistan and elsewhere. God bless 'em all. And I served honorably, and honored and obeyed our flag, constitution, and Commander-in-Chief. This I want to make clear.

Now, having established that my intent is to be and remain loyal to my country, my fellow combatants, and all the good things for which our flag stands, I will tell you this, truthfully; many soldiers and marines do not operate under the delusion that all this is for democracy and freedom. No sir, we are not so naive. I don't represent the Marine view, but allow me to refer you to an account of the earlier Gulf war by Swofford, a jarhead sniper. It's titled Jarhead. As for me, I really only will speak for myself. I will tell you that in conversations, other soldiers did concur with me in that we knew we were fighting this war for oil, for territory, if also for the good intentions of freeing people from Sadam's rule.

You really can do something both for idealism and pragmatism. Now, war, any war, is much more complex than the reasons given for it. So there are those who fight for the ideal, and those who fight knowing that the ideal had been sacrificed. Does that mean that we should just turn around and leave? H--- no. From the point of view of a professional soldier, no; the politicians started the war using us. Now we're going to finish it.

Now, there are those who, like Hanoi Jane, may try to sabotage us. They might, as they did during the Viet Nam war, succeed. However, our military has learned lessons from the Southeast Asian "conflict." And more important, and I really believe this, the threat from Islamic terrorism is much deadlier than that which was perceived from Communism. And I and my family detest Communism.

In future posts, I will elaborate more on the perils of Islamic terrorism. But do not mistake that I am generalizing on Islam. In and of itself, it is no more powerful nor dangerous than Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other religion. It's the use or misuse of the religion which makes for a dangerous blend.

1. The truth shall set you free --St Paul
2. The truth hurts. --folk proverb

So ends my posting at Yahoo's Israeli-Palestinian BB Funny that the subject often strays from that which the title suggests. But then again, there are always those connected ramblings. Also, strange to say, within an hour of my posting this, it was deleted. Well, maybe it was just the storms going through Georgia. I would analyze the timings to see if there's any significant gap where several other messages in a given time period would have been lost due to servers down, etc. But I don't have time now. Got to go to work in a few hours. [Reposted at 40 minutes past midnight on Thanksgiving Day].


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