Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Hey!" Placido Domingo really does insert a few choice phrases in English in the staging or performance of Der Zauberflote. Am listening to the thunder and whom I think is Papageno shouting "Lichte hier! Lichte hier!"

And a lovely chorus of women's voices. I pick out the word "verloren." I will learn German within five years enough to carry out an intelligent conversation and understand The Magic Flute.

"It is all presented in a plot complicated by a dragon, a threesome of warbling ladies in service to the Queen of the Night, another threesome of boy-angels, even a bully - Monostatos, guard for the Queen. It is lightened by such elements as locked lips, charmed animals, and, of course, a magic flute."

To whom am I listening now, to Papageno and one of the warbling ladies, or Papageno and his true love? It will take some time for me to understand what is going on. I need to get "aholt" of the libretto. Am reading a short little web site introducing this opera.


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