Monday, November 08, 2004

Among my readings of Georgia history, I've found a passable text which is titled This is your Georgia, by Bernice McCullar. In this text, for the last several days I've been reading about the Creek and the Cherokee. Specially interesting for me is the story of Sequoyah, Elias Boudinot and his Connecticut bride, Col. Benjamin Gold's daughter Harriet, and the Cherokee Phoenix.

With the missionary connection, many young Cherokee men would be sent to a school in Cornwall, Connecticut. Buck Watie, who had been one of these young students, took the name of a Congressman at whose home he stayed while he attended this school. Thus he is known to many in the American and Cherokee histories as Elias Boudinot. Who was this Congressman, I'd like to know?

The answer will have to wait. Have got to drive to work now. Au revoir!


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