Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday evening. Verdana font. Hmmmmm... not bad. I had feared worse.

Kids are playing on the hardwood floor, with their wood and plastic toys. Market-place is playing on radio. Wilma is finishing her meal, or clearing the table, or arguing with Annie Franck who doesn't want to finish her supper now that she started playing.

I've been mixing some study of Japanese ideograms into my day's activities. Just now tried to upload an image of some ideograms or Kanji I'd created earlier this afternoon, one for sun, another for tree, and yet another for root or source. But the upload didn't work. So back to the drawing board.

Meanwhile I'll let you know it's Ken Walsh's1 book on Learning to read Japanese, a little handbook that fits in a pocket. I've left it out next to the pendulum seat on which Gareth was swinging, with a little help from my left arm. We left it and a poem by Wendy Cope on the other swing. I'd better go and rescue that book before the dew or some stray dog get to it.

1. I don't know if this is the same Ken Walsh who is the pilot Medal of Honor winner. Will any reader leave us a tip?


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