Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday, still. Also in the mail is the latest issue of The Sun. I've just opened it to the "Correspondence" pages. I hope to contribute to their next issue, in the"Readers Write" section. This month's topic is "Weddings." Other articles this month include "At Hell's Gate," a soldier's jouney from war to peace, by Claude Anshin Thomas; "The Beauty of 2nd Avenue," by Michelle Cacho-Negrete, and Eric Anderson's poem "The Problem With Bullets." There may be other pieces in it of more merit, but as I say, I've just opened the magazine.

Starwatch is on! I need to have a better ability to concentrate on demand. The name of Carol Rutland is behind the voice.

Now to get started on my homework. For real! [Time now, 14:00]


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