Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday now, just 51 past midnight: listening to Jazz through the Night. I think it's Bob Parloche doing the dj thing.

I've got a glass of cold rice milk and a cinnamon flavored rice wafer on which to snack. Yes, I'm on a diet. But this is nice, what I have now. For a long time I've just been bored with what I eat, and have no more joy in my usual routines. Except last Monday night when I drank a very good pot of fresh coffee after midnight, when I had to go to work at two o'clock in the morning.

Earlier this night, on the other side of this midnight, I was playing backgammon at Yahoo games. Thanks to XP, now I've got the Java to play there. Before, it was almost never, probably because I didn't have the right Java VM.

One fun aspect of playing backgammon at Yahoo! games is that you can get rated, and you can join tournaments if you want. Also, there is a field for virtual chat which is refreshing to one who has just been playing on Microsoft's Zone free game, in which there's a set list of stock phrases to select in order to communicate.

Did any of you watch the debates? I refer to those for the Presidential Elections. What did you think?


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