Monday, October 11, 2004

Monday. [font of choice, Verdana]:
[music of choice, Sonatina by Federico Morena]
[hero of choice, Tiresias]
[god of choice, Zeus]
[goddess of choice, Hera]
[baseball team of choice, the New York Yankees]

And so on, and so on. I've lost my d.l., and don't feel comfortable driving across three counties to go to class. My wife is more upset than I that, due to inflation, there is a big hike in the house insurance due to the inflation hike. How much did inflation climb in how short a time?

I'm looking in a copy of short fables and stories by Augustin Monterroso, La Oveja Negra y dema's fabulas, for a story about the different christs or messiahs of the rain forest. In "El Salvador Recurrente," we read that in the Jungle it's known that there have been an infinite number of Christs, before and after Christ.
Each time one dies, immediately
another is born who always preaches the same as his atecedant and is received according to the prevailing philosophy of the time. He or she is never understood. There is a cyclic, eternal sense of time and being conveyed in this story, a pithy parable pointing to the futility of idealism, the promise of being true to one's self.

I'm driving north to Smitty's Bar to see if somehow my license dropped there, and someone (like Smitty) found it. Meanwhile I leave you with this, which may or may not have to do with our Guatemalan essayist and philosopher.


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