Monday, October 25, 2004

I closed the window before I remembered to try to get a transcript somehow. Of our chat conversation, the one between a lady I'll call Vispera, from somewhere in Canada. We were playing a some 5-point matches of backgammon. We started a conversation, which is not that common for me anyway, in the backgammon tables. Usually I find people who just want to play. Maybe they tap out "hi" at the start and "gg" toward the end of the game.

Anyway we got to talking about where we were from. This led to her disgust for how she and her husband were treated at a Houston airport where they were held for five hours just because they were Iranian. They were only on transit flight from Mexico back to their home in Canada. She mentioned also that a Pakistani who was there, who didn't even have a visa, was granted a 3-month visa.

It's high time we took a look at how we confuse vigilance with being a bully.


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