Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday morning. Come now, this font thing cannot be working. The font looks the same as some of the others I've tried. Maybe it's only different if you pay the upgrade from the free version.

I have been carrying my Read Japanese Today by Len Walsh along with me almost everywhere I go. I reviewed the words “Tomodachi” (friend) and “Sayonara” with my daughter as she walked off the porch, and looked at “word” and “Tokyo” which I had carefully chalked on the cement a couple of days earlier . I'll start to supplement the handbook with other materials.

Paprika banned from shelves in Hungary? Seems some kind of mold has got into the product as a result of trying to substitute the high grade stuff with a cheap "filler" substance. This report from NPR this morning.

Maybe driving throught the pine plantations to the fort to go shopping at the commisary. Booh hooh! Not too many more of those trips, since I'm getting my discharge from the National Guard. I'll be a veteran with 50% disablility, trying to patch credits together to get a teacher's certification while supporting a family of four. Ah, but I don't have to return to the streets of Bagdad or go to Fallujah or any of those other hot spots. I must get involved in supporting our troops. I'll send them books and care packages.

Today's the birthday of Samuel Johnson, born in Edinburgh in 1740.

Suha the wife of Arafat has flown from Paris to be with the sick leader. There are no mass vigils, just small gatherings of the fans (the followers) of the leader. Julie McCarthy remarks that this could be the end of the Arafat era. Who will step into his place? Abu Mazar? Qureia? Someone from the Al Aksar Martyrs or some other splinter group? Arafat's nephew? Naaah, not him, I think. Who?


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