Friday, October 22, 2004

Except that I've two stones built on his or her three point, and he or she has me blocked with a 5 almost prime.

Am I still there? Yes yes is all I can reply. Ach! I rolled a six and have to move one of those two on the 3 point. Now the enemy does have me on the bar with a prime. Well, in the next move only 5 points in a row blocked.

But that piece is still on the bar. And the only point open to me is his one, so even if I roll a one and get on, he/she may bounce me.

Rolled three turns now and still on the bar. Now I'm finally off but way behind in pips. Racing to get to home board and one off so I only lose a point. There we go!

Lost that, now 2-1. Fourth game started and underway. I've got 139 to his 126 pips so I'm behind.Time now 13:38.

My wife's mowing part of the lawn now. I made her promise to leave me some to mow early tomorrow. Yes, well, I tried to get her to leave me the whole thing. Now Opponent's got 1,2 and 4-7 blocked, with a loose stone on the 8, one on the 5, and one on the 9. I've got a stone on the bar, and 6-8, 10,11 blocked. Mine are the brown, hers the white.

If you're interested, you may wish to start playing at Yahoo Games, or do like I did and start practicing on the free game that Microsoft often packs with their bundled software.


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