Saturday, September 04, 2004

Less than five minutes to the witching hour. I'm up perusing google hits of "Aeneid + blog." I enjoyed D Kennedy's review of some translations of the Aeneid.

Just read a fascinating thread in Em's livejournal comparing Homer and Virgil to fan fiction. Apparently another intellectual New York blog. But I like it. And I would ask Em, but don't have the time tonight (it's already almost quarter till one a.m.) what the hell is slash writing?

Following a couple of links led me to another livejournal blog with a thread about RPG's. What the ****? There's happenings in literature, theatre, or somewhere in ivory tower/campus life that has just grown beyond my comprehension...

Am trying to leave comments for Pezboy's inane entry on the books he read this summer. His blog comments link takes too **** long to load. He says he 'read' the Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid for a mythology class. Somewhere near Urbana, Illinois, I gather. He's such an airhead, but a prolific blogger. Maybe he'll make stand-up comic.

Time to knock this off. Look at the time! - (80


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