Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I had finished the Odyssey, and have been reading the Aeneid these days. Today I was reading of Dido's desperate and tragic love for Aeneas, how Aeneas gets the message from Mercury to get the boats ready and set sail for Italy their promised land, and Dido's suicide.

I've got to go outside, drive to the next town to the West, and enter my subscription fee to the gym at which I was last week accepted. Thank G-d they've given me discounts for military, police, and student. Best deal in Georgia, I would suspect.

Am getting involved in my Exceptional Children course, for which I commute an hour there, an hour to return.

Gotta run! Ta ta!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Can I apologize? I've not been well, altogether well.

I must go away again for a very short spell. I'll miss my kids. And wife.

Here's a tip on some of the more virulent Republican spin.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ьоже мой!

Friday, August 20, 2004

йцуке нгшщзхъ
фывап ролджэ
ячсми тьбю

Штщ ето Я сейчас могу пйсатъ по-рксскйй Почему!

I'm finishing the Odyssey. Last night I skimmed the part where Odysseus and his son Telemachus kill the suitors in the hall where they've been eating his provendure, abusing the hospitality of his home, and staging their harrassment of Penelope.

Friday, August 13, 2004

My wife's putting pressure on me to get the trunk of the car fixed. I broke the locking mechanism early this June, and have had the trunk fastened with a bungee cord.

I'm driving to one or two junk yards today, after I price the retail cost of the parts at the local auto parts store.

I've just spent a better part of an hour, maybe, looking at the Georgia Division of Natural Resources web site on Non-game Plants and Animals. I found it fascinating.

Yesterday, as I was on my way back from a jaunt throughout the Northeast Corner of our county to scout out locations for signs promoting our college's GED program, I saw a beautiful hawk. White on the breast and underbelly, with a rosy pink bib and tan over its back and head. It was perched on a horizontal branch of a dead tree, just waiting for some prey to move, so's to pounce on it.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I regret having left off my regular posting of my readings of Homer. I'm in Book X of the Odyssey, having passed through with our hero in the horrible adventure with the Cyclops.

How clever is our hero, when the Cyclops asks him his name, he answers, "My name is No Man." (E.V. Rieu translates the name as "Nobody." in the Penguin edition.)

Ah, but Cyclops gets one last good one against Odysseus, in praying to Poseidon that Odysseus may never reach his home in Ithaca. Will Poseidon heed the blinded giant's prayer? And will any other god help Odysseus overcome this and reach his home, Penelope, and Telemachus?

Exquisite! is the best first word that pops to mind to describe the playing of David Russell, who as I type is picking at the light sweet melody of "If she asks," by Brazilian Armando Rayis ( I know I probably mis-spelled that, and will look to correct it asap). He played a few selections and was interviewed on Performance Today.

I'm finally reading M.Scott Peck's The Road Less Travelled. Well, I'm hoping it will help me get through or over my current bouts of depression, laziness, and anxiety.

That news of fierce fighting in Najaf is raging doesn't really help. But then again, if there wasn't fierce fighting there now, my disease might lead me to worry about another trajedy, maybe the Darfur or Chechya wars. Well, there, now I realize again that I can "let go, and let God" take care of things.