Tuesday, July 20, 2004

   Some associate continues to send me notices on situations in Macedonia

and Kosova. For this, I thank him. Now I pass this on
to you, gentle readers:

Macedonia strikes power deal seen crucial for peace
15 Jul 2004 10:13:31 GMT

By Kole Casule

SKOPJE, July 15 (Reuters) - Macedonia's coalition government has struck
long-delayed deal handing more powers to the local level, a crucial
part of
the 2001 peace accord granting greater rights to the ethnic Albanian

The agreement late on Wednesday, unpopular among many in the Macedonian
majority, should give the country's 500,000 Albanians more control over
municipalities where they form a majority.

It represents a final step in implementing the NATO-brokered deal that
ended seven months of clashes between government security forces and
Albanian rebels three years ago.


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