Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Just got the new National Geographic, this June's. Haven't even opened it yet, just glancing at the front cover. (Going to piss.

Ahhhhhh..... zzzzzip!

O.K. As I was saying)... Now I open the front cover--table of contents: The Shi'ites of article on the disagreements on how to use the Mall space of Washington, D.C. And the Headline of this issue, "The End of Cheap Oil." But you can see for yourself. Maybe on the Geographic's web page.

I began this yesterday around noon. I left the issue in the pickup. Then late last night I fell sick with what we believe was food poisoning. 3/4 of us. And I didn't sally forth from the house till early evening. By that time I had looked at Smithsonian, some of June's and a bit of July's.

I can hardly wait to read the articles in the latter on the Marwala horse and how better coffee can improve the world.


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