Monday, July 19, 2004

I'm late again, and not yet running. It's almost eight by blogger clock, and it is eight by my radio clock and the news is playing.

I'm excited by the changes at blogger. Haven't even used my buttons. I had thought I'd lost them, because when I clicked on the green plus sign at the dashboard page, I got a creat page without buttons. But I get them if I go through the title (to my blog) link and the post titles page.

Am listening to the troubles Arafat is having, the mess with the Palestinian government. I'm confused. Did Arafat fire both Ahmed Qurea and his security chief? Now he's re-hired his security chief, who happens to be his nephew.

Got to go to work, accelerate the pace of my workbooks. Will come back later to make links to the news on Arafat, Palestine, and the conflict with Israel. Pray for peace, people.


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