Monday, July 12, 2004

Hector is dead, and Achilles is striving to his utmost to find ways to avenge Patroklos' death by humiliating Hector's body, executing twelve Trojan prisoners by cutting off their heads, and holding a great funereal feasting, horse races, and other events to honor Patoklus.
Phoibos Apollo dashes the whip from Diomedes' hands, causing his team of horses to fall behind, but Athene, angry at this, in turn makes Eumelos son of Admetos have an accident, so he's out of the race.

I was reading aloud of the horse race, since Annie-Jack loves horses, and she listened attentively to much of it...Antilochus plays chicken with Agamemnon, going for the narrow place on the race course where the water has eroded a passage.

"Antilochus, are you crazy man? Hold your horses back; you can pass later where it's wider!"(This is my own 'modern' translation of their exchange).

But Antilochus is determined, and 'psyches' out Agamemnon, so that he slacks and lets his own horses fall back, rather than collide with Antilochus.

And now, from line 448, we are back at the point of view of the spectators, watching the horse and chariot driver teams approach in a cloud of dust. Idomeneus and Aias, son of Oileus, argue over who is ahead, but Achilles' cautions them to stop their bickering, wait and see... And Diomedes and his horses win the race! Antilochus comes in second. Agamemnon third.

[And now, while Sthenelos gives out the prizes, I pause to eat fresh bread with Annie Franck.]


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